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29 Sep 2022
An opportunity to have your say on the big issues facing our maritime industries.
29 Sep 2022
Uw kans om uw mening te geven over de belangrijke kwesties die spelen in de scheepvaartsector.
29 Sep 2022
해양 산업이 직면한 중대한 문제에 대해 귀하가 발언할 기회.
19 Aug 2022
Last year, union ship inspectors recovered more than USD $37 million in unpaid wages owed to seafarers, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) has revealed in figures published today…
11 Aug 2022
The Port of Dakar in Senegal has said it is too busy to rescue a cargo ship at its anchorage which has been without electricity and sidelights for months, putting its seafarers and those on passing…