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Cruise ship facebook scams

Cruise ship companies do not use individuals to recruit on Facebook

Like other types of fraud, Facebook scammers are trying to get you to pay money or hand over documentation with false offers of work. 

The main type involves a promise of work in return for a bribe or payment. This may be disguised as:

  • an agency fee
  • a registration fee
  • an administration fee
  • a payment for a medical examination
  • for visa processing
  • for passport processing
  • an immigration fee

And these are usually asked for once you have provided a copy of your passport and other personal documents, and just before the job offer is made.

It may be made to look like something you have to pay a government department, clinic or bank, or you may be asked for money for airfares to join a ship with a promise you will get the money back when you arrive. YOU WILL NOT

How do I spot a recruitment scam on Facebook?

  • Cruise companies DO NOT use individuals on Facebook to recruit people
  • The Facebook profile of a scammer will contain irrelevant posts and photos that do not relate to the person. 
  • The email address given is NOT a company email address.  Authentic email addresses will:
    • not have numbers as part of it, for example
    • not be a Gmail, Yahoo etc address
  • They ask that you contact them on WhatsApp, Viber etc. or send a personal message
  • Interviews are conducted on WhatsApp etc. or not at all
  • They will ask for money - REMEMBER, requesting advance payment for work on vessels is prohibited under the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, (MLC),

Who should you avoid?

Our Scam Alerts page has the names of individuals and companies to avoid, as well as fake email addresses and websites to stay clear of.  This page cannot show every active scam but we update it regularly.


REMEMBER THE GOLDEN RULE - if the job looks to good to be true, it almost certainly is


If you identify a scam, a fake email address being used in a scam, a fake website or you simply want our advice please contact us via email at

We will treat all emails with complete confidentiality and will NOT pass on your name or details to anyone