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Scam alerts

Scam alerts

Job scams are on the increase. The people behind the scams pose as recruitment agents or HR managers and are using more and more sophisticated ways to make the jobs they advertise look real.  They use email addresses and fake websites that look and feel like the real thing and, increasingly, using direct contact methods like WhatsApp, Viber and Linkedin.

The ITF receives hundreds of reports of scams each year and of seafarers who have fallen victim to a scam.

The Scams Alert page provides a way to check for scams, fake companies and websites

If you identify a scam, a fake email address being used in a scam, a fake website or you simply want our advice please contact us via email at

We will treat all emails with complete confidentiality and will NOT pass on your name or details to anyone

Fake website that is part of a scam with the fake website of Dubai Oil and Gas Company where applicants for non-existent jobs are directed to Seaway Travel and Tours who charge huge sums of money for visa processing.

Kamal Faheem is named as the Processing Officer at Seaway Travel and Tours

See also Dubai Oil and Gas Company LLC

Fake website at using fake email address of offering non-existent jobs and informing applicants that they must contact Seaway Travel and Tours to assist with procurement of travel documents and visas for the UAE.  Mohammad Taqi Kadirand is named as the Human Resource Director at Dubai Oil and Gas Company.

See also Seaway Travel and Tours

Fake email address of and being used in a scam to offer fake jobs with CMA CGM.

The emails and offer letters are signed by Gabor Ford 

A scam to provide false discharge book entries using the email address and the phone number of +380 994 943800 has been reported.  Advance payments of $500 and $500 after confirmation are being asked for

The genuine website and contact details for Tide Marine can be found here


Email addresses offering fake visa and entry permit processing.  The email addresses being used are:


See also Sana Marine and Offshore ServicesGulf Coast Migrations LLC, and Aden Travels

The website at is extremely believable but it is fake.  The scammers behind the website use the email address of to recruit seafarers and charge a fee of almost 500 euros.

Eleni Nicholas is a name being used when contacting seafarers, but it is also fake.  The number they use is +35796965260

On the genuine Exxon Mobile website they are aware of recruitment scams and provide information here.

An unregistered agent based in India who levies a service charge and makes the seafarer pay for their flights.  The email address being used is and the number is +91 9460812579

There is no guarantee that any job offer is real

Job offers sent out from Naval Job who are based in Mumbai.

Illegal service charge fee of Rs20000 (approx $300) requested and then on signing the contract another illegal payment of Rs95000 (approx $1,300) is requested

This company is not a registered RPSL agent

A manning agent that has been blacklisted by DG Shipping for multiple violations but who are still operating/scamming seafarers. 

The blacklist order can be viewed here

A manning agent that has been blacklisted by DG Shipping for multiple violations but who are still operating/scamming seafarers. 

The blacklist order can be viewed here

Job scam operated by Prateek Sharma using email addresses of and where interviews are conducted online and payment requested.  If you receive a job offer letter from this person or these email addresses, it will look authentic but it will be fake.

There is NO connection between Prateek Sharma and VShips.  The genuine link for VShips is

Scam whereby seafarers are cold called and offered a job.  The name and number used is Boris Elland +44 7418 601443 and if you accept the positions they will then email you using the address and ask for personal documents and money.

This scam is NOT connected to the real Carib Shipping at who are a freight forwarders and not a ship owner